Together Forever, My Airwheel Electric Scooter and I on the Way


Maybe I have spent too much time studying at home when I was a student. Now since I have taken up an occupation, I will go traveling in vacations. Wherever I go, I will take my Airwheel electric scooter with me. It is now my good companion for traveling.

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There are several reasons for choosing Airwheel Q5. First of all, my friend chose Airwheel and I took his advice. His Airwheel has been kept in good quality and has never broken down. So I bought one. The second reason is that I love the unique color blue of Q5. Before buying a Q5, I have already practiced riding my friend's electric self-balancing scooter skillfully. When I get to the exclusive shop of Airwheel, I paid for my Q5 without any hesitation.


In case of traveling, traffic bothers us quite often. It costs too much to take a taxi. It is inconvenient to park a rented bike. It takes too much time to wait for a bus and sometimes you will be caught in traffic at rush hours. But since I got the Airwheel Q5, I have scarcely been troubled by such problems.


If two scenic spots are located within short distance on a map, I will ride my Q5 from one to another. Don’t overlook the small Q5. It scoots breezily through the alleys and costs less time for taking such short-cuts. But it is better to be alert of the wild dogs in the alleys. Riding my Q5 is much more efficient than circling around by bus.

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Some cars are denied of entrance into the parks. But my Q5 has never been stopped from entering anywhere, for it is so small and not too fast. I don’t feel tired at all, riding my Q5 around the park. My Airwheel  is powered by electricity. It produces zero pollution. With such an eco product, I will not worry about damaging the eco system of any park. Apart from that, the device is absolutely quiet and will not disturb others. My friend tells me that the noise-free function is attributed to the magnetic levitation motor applied. Since I am not an expert in high technology, I will not discuss too much about it.


In fact, travelling can be so economical. If you don’t have too much time and condition for long journey, you can choose an electric scooter to suburbs in the weekends like me. The world is huge and there are many things for us to explore. Nothing can stop me from enjoying the time. Whether my future life will be busy or comfortable, I will stay in good and positive mood to face it.