The Riding Show of Intelligent Self-balancing S3 in Malaysia


Since the launch of S3, Airwheel’s intelligent self-balancing S3 has gained an enormous popularity. There is a vogue for S3 both at home and abroad. Recently, Airwheel Malaysian team showed their thrilling tricks of riding S3 in the square. Pedestrians around them were enthralled by the agility and intelligence of S3.

The Riding Show of Intelligent Self-balancing S3 in Malaysia

From the date of its establishment on, Airwheel has been unswervingly pursuing the notion of minimalist-chic style, eco-friendly technology and user-friendly design. It rolled out X-series and Q-series by sequence. Both of them gained an immense popularity worldwide. Recently, it has unveiled another brand new model, intelligent self-balancing scooter S3. This model is hailed as the ultimate in Airwheel’s design and technology.

The reason why S3 is hailed as the ultimate is that S3 mixes the merits of previous models, e.g. X-series and Q-series with more advanced ingredients.

From the exterior of S3, it is easy to feel Airwheel’s maniacal attention to details, from handlebar grips to the whole bodywork. The bodywork is endowed with the streamlined and sleek design, wearing a white and blue colour scheme. The two main tones confers an air of concisely and naturally beauty on S3. The handlebar grips are made of the macromolecular and carbon-fibre materials, which facilitates the comfort and grip when you get hold of bars. These consideration design and flourish on bodywork represents Airwheel’s design language and states its core notion alike.

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S3 is minimalist on design, but it is complex on technology. The built-in lithium battery core provides powerful thrust. S3 maxes out at 16 km/h and scoots along 40km at full. The maintenance of balance relies on the gyroscope system underneath the standing board. The controllable driving speed is contingent on the angle of titling body forward. When you tilt back, S3 will fall back slowly. More importantly, this electric-powered scooter produces no emission while rolling. Owing to this character, S3 is also applauded by the environmentalists and thereby S3 is widespread applied to a great number of fields and occasions.

This technologically complex vehicle never scares away the masses. For the purpose of ease, S3 befits people of all ages, in allusion to the consideration of Airwheel’s design. If you want to get a better understanding of S3, please visit its website: .

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