The era of Self-balancing Scooter is to Unfold


Abstract: Through years’ unswerving efforts, self-balancing scooters have been rolled out by Airwheel.

The era of Self-balancing Scooter is to Unfold

Through years’ unswerving efforts, self-balancing scooters have been rolled out by Airwheel. Amongst these models, the latest intelligent self-balancing scooter S3 integrates the most powerful performance of the former models with the most amazing design. Thus, S3 can be termed as the climax of Airwheel’s technology and design. Q-series, for example, Q1, Q3 and Q6, acts as an upgraded version of X-series. Built on X-series, the structure of monocycle underwent a tiny change and was transformed into the twin-wheeled structure, namely the current Q-series. This tweak in structure is minute, but it is regarded as a sheer ground-breaking creation. The twin-wheeled structure further makes sure balance and enhances the ease of use, which lies behind the enormous popularity of Q-series.

Notwithstanding, X-series electric monocycle has never been put in shade by Q-series and S-series. The ultimate character of X-series consists in its single-wheeled structure. On the contrary, such structure is also the main culprit that scares away a good many of common users. In eyes of a skilful rider adept in steering scooter, the single-wheeled structure is more a disadvantage than an advantage of X-series. The single-wheel structure confers excellent agility on X-series. On X-series, Riders are capable to steer their vehicles agilely and turn a corner nimbly, unlike Q-series on which riders have to spend more time on turning a lager circle for a turning.

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In addition to the agility, scooter-riding is seen by scooter enthusiasts as a form of entertainment as well a presentation of riding skill. A skilful scooter rider intends to present his/her fancy tricks, including turning circles, sitting on it while rolling, standing upside down and even pushing a car while standing on it. Through showing off his thrilling tricks, he tries to demonstrate his skill of riding in face of audiences. Indeed, audiences are always impressed highly by his accomplished skill. Imagine that what if a skilful rides a self-balancing scooter of Q-series to show off his skill of riding. This demonstration is futile and no more than an utter waste of time.

In another way, common people shrink away from X-series and are impressed by it. As a result, the masses detest X-series as admire it.

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