The Airwheel self-balancing electric unicycle is a futuristic device that is based on the gyro technology. It is considered the next generation of personal transport due to its environmental-friendly and fun features. It’s not only stylish, but also sturdy and easy to learn.


An eleven year old boy of Cornwall, has been riding this electric scooter for the last 10 months. Not only that, the boy has been doing a few Airwheel antics in and around Newquay and Padstow. He can be seen climbing down stairs also using the scooter. From the way the boy uses the Airwheel X3, it is quite evident that the electric scooter is sturdy.

The company takes pride in pointing out that the products they offer like the electric unicycle, single-wheeled scooter, electric self-balancing unicycle, etc. have become popular throughout the world. The key factor that has contributed to the popularity of their products is the efforts they make on a consistent basis. They also ensure that their products are efficient and user-friendly. They are aware that the beauty of any product lies not only in aesthetics but in its efficiency as well. That is the reason they focus on efficiency, says the company.


They focus on innovation and that is the reason they are able to come out with new products such as electric unicycle, single-wheeled scooter, electric self-balancing unicycle, etc. that perfectly fulfill the needs of customers. They have brought out a number of products till now and they include models like X3, X8, Q5 and S3. Every model they are bringing out has its own unique characteristics. For example, X8 is more stable and so, this model can be used even on bumpy grounds. On the other hand, X3 is twitchier but it is more maneuverable.

In general, when a company makes their first product and moves on to the subsequent ones, many dilutions may take place. But in their company, the situation is completely different. They make it a point to make improvements because their aim is to fulfill the needs of their customers.

Because of their unique characteristics and since they perfectly fulfill the needs of customers, these products are highly sought after not only in the domestic market but overseas as well.