Airwheel Self-balancing electric skateboards Change the Way of Commuting

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Abstract: The life on the wheels can be interesting, but the life on the one wheel can be fantastic. Airwheel self-balancing electric unicycle can take the task to change the way of commuting.

The following words are the pertinent reviews I've heard about riding single wheel electric scooters. “It really feels like you're gliding on nothing,” said Parham, a former stuntman in James Bond films. “You could relate it to something like snowboarding or skiing but obviously you're doing it on concrete and gliding around at your leisure rather than requiring mountains and snow.” He said that he could see the efficacy of and market for the devices immediately and hadn't even ridden one before he decided to become a distributor for the gadgets.


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According to some customer's feedback, we are aware that people might want them just for fun but we have been somewhat overwhelmed by how interested business commuters have been in using them to drive into the center of cities or to get to the train station.

“We got an email from a disabled user who had mobility problems who was now able to go on nature walks with her partner. They would hold hands and actually go quite some distance 0ff-road with these which really opened up a new release of life for her,” Parham said. It does offer hopes for some disabled users.




Airwheel Company also sells a twin-wheeled version, which is a smaller one-wheeled version easier to learn to ride. Like a Segway, the driver must shift their weight forward to make the unicycle accelerate and lean backwards to slow down and brake.

Airwheel self-balancing electric skateboards definitely will change the way people commute to work. It is going to define a new life on the wheel.