Airwheel Q5 Review: Get the Hang of It


The Airwheel Q5 is a well praised model released by the Airwheel Technology, a leading manufacturer of self-balancing electric unicycles based in Los Angeles. I bought my Airwheel Q5 a couple of days ago. There are single-wheeled versions of Airwheel, but I chose Airwheel Q5 because it’s twin-wheeled and seems easier to get the hang of it. Here’s a close look at Airwheel Q5.

Airwheel Q5 Review: Get the Hang of It

The device is compact and small as you can see from the picture. In the box, there are accessories including a charger, a balance strap and a user manual.

Currently, the Airwheel offers two colors with Q5 for users to choose: apple green and sky blue. I chose the blue one.

It’s considerable that the device is ready to use. I don’t have to install the battery as it’s already in place and almost fully charged. This is amazing. Even the tyre is pumped. As you can see from the picture, there is a pedal at each side of the wheel for you to stand while rolling. On the chassis, there are a series of buttons. One at the side is power switch and at the other side is charge port. The four small ones in the middle are actually power indicating lights. I can’t wait to have a try. But before get started, here’s more informat


ion of Airwheel Q5 for your reference.

Maximum Speed: About 18km/h

Range per Charge: About 18-23km

Safe Climbing Angle: About 25 degree

Battery: 170Wh

Size: 530*373*185mm

Pedal Height: 110mm

Tire Size: 360mm

Main Body Weight: 11.5kg

Temperature: 20°C~30°C

Weight Limit: 120kg

Charger Voltage: AC220V50-60Hz

Charge Time: About 120min

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Unlike Airwheel S3 – the platform version, Airwheel Q5 is basically a twin-wheeled unicycle. So learning Q5 is a bit more difficult than S3. It requires more of your balancing ability. Beginners would take some effort and patience to get the hang of it. To my surprise, I didn’t take too much time to find my balance on the wheel. After one hour and a half, I was quite comfortable with my Airwheel Q5 and could take turns and go back and forth freely. The essence of mastering the wheel, which I figured out later, is that one has to gain the speed as soon as he gets on the wheel, otherwise he will lose balance and fall off easily just as one does with a bike.

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