Airwheel Q3, something to award yourself at the end of this year


Abstract: The Airwheel Q3 as a self-balancing electric unicycle, features the concise look and exclusive twin-wheel design. It outplays other similar products in motor efficiency and battery range.

Airwheel Q3, something to award yourself at the end of this year

Ever since the Airwheel electric unicycle was introduced into the intelligent transporter market, this emerging industry has been expanding rapidly. Different from other manufacturers, Airwheel’s marketing strategy lies on continuous innovation in various senses. It is dedicated in not only the innovation of the exterior design, but also the product range and basic configuration for better user experience. Q3 stages as a masterpiece of the revolutionary twin-wheeled self-balancing unicycle.

Compared with other unicycles, the Airwheel Q3 features a compact contour. Thanks to the twin-wheeled design, the Airwheel Q3 sports a cute oval look resembling the “Q” letter. The Airwheel Q3, as the exclusive twin-wheeled electric unicycle of Airwheel, belongs to a different product line from the previous X-series.

Another breakthrough of the Airwheel Q3 electric self-balancing scooter is its superior motor power and battery capacity. As is universally agreed that a powerful and smooth driving system is a key to a top electric unicycle. The Q3 comes with 4 different battery capacity options, 130Wh, 170Wh, 260Wh and 340Wh. The Airwheel Q3 is capable of an range from 18km-45km.

The Airwheel R&D team has always been committed to the further upgrading of the motor efficiency and battery capacity. The Airwheel unicycles boasts of driving range of 20km to 45km, which excels as the longest among intelligent scooters worldwide. Those who have tried Q3 commented it as “solid whenever at turn or bumps”. The twin-wheeled design not only adds to a stronger grip effect but also increase the shock absorption, thus enhance the riding experience.

In addition to the driving power, the Airwheel Q3 self-balancing scooter pioneers in twin-wheel design concept and futuristic design. Q3 is controlled by a world’s leading processor, which adapts top architecture and upgraded performance, capable of 1024 flops per sec to monitor real-time data. So no matter what kind of terrain conditions Airwheel Q3 faces, its control system will handle with ease.

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We’d like to express our appreciation again to the Airwheel team for bringing us such an exciting intelligent scooter. They realize superior performance whilst staying to a medium-end price. Inspired by the Airwheel Q3, in the near future, there will be more products with high price-performance ratio launched to the intelligent transportation market.

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