Airwheel C5 smart helmet Brings More Surprises to Cyclists


Abstract: We take sport very seriously and have produced great Olympic swimmers and top cyclists. Cyclists on the road often faces threats from automobile riders so they are advised to wear helmets to reduce the risk of head injury. Airwheel C5 intelligent helmet for road safety brings more surprises to cyclists.

Airwheel C5, a kind of intelligent helmet is other than an electric self-balancing scooter. Instead, it came as a safety protection tool for the user. Wearing Airwheel C5, the rider will be shielded from getting hurt.

And with the application of advanced integrated tech, the shell is in unibody design, which can bear great impact and protect the head effectively. The working temperature of C5 ranges from -20 to 50 degrees Celsius, so that it can keep you safe under extreme conditions.

intelligent helmet with action camera

The most distinctive feature of C5 smart helmet lies in its intelligence. In the front of the gadget, it is inserted with a high quality lens, which can present high-contrast and high resolution shooting performance. The max internal storage is 128G and can store more videos. A 150°wide view – shed accompanying camera enables riders to take pictures or videos. The camera can record accidents as well as wonderful moments.

sport helmet with camera

Cyclists can share the beautiful scenery with friends, by the built-in Wi-Fi modules mounted on Airwheel C5 smart helmet when connected to the phone. When the user rides along the road, he could at will take the beautiful views around him. After the trip, he could post these selfies online and share them with other friends. As an effective vehicle to socialize with others, selfies posted online will obtain the views and likes from the kin and kith.

helmet for Extreme sports

What's more, Airwheel C5 Bluetooth helmets can be connected to the phone via Bluetooth, thus enabling riders to answer phones and listen to music during the journey. The exhausting trip will be much delightful. To conclude, C5 cool street bike helmet brings more surprises to cyclists.